Juggling Work and Studies

Tue, Jun 12, 2012


Juggling your work and studies needs planningWithin the tough economic climate, there is undoubtedly a concern about earning money, and trying to keep finances under control can seem daunting. Particularly when there is a focus on earning academic qualifications in contemporary society, there is a problem when it comes to juggling work and studies. However, with a bit of time-management and organization there is no reason to suggest that you will not be able to work as well as study.

Maintaining a good balance

With the debts that you can mount through studying, working is often a good idea to help subsidise your student lifestyle. However, it is important to remember that your academic qualifications are more likely to give you a better job in the future, so you should prioritise your studies over work. Working lots of hours may seem great for your bank balance, but it is only a short-term investment in your life, whereas studying is not. If you make it clear at the start of your employment that you are a student as well, your employer may be more sympathetic with the hours that you work, helping you to balance your work and studies.

Tips for success when working and studying

It is important to remember that in order to succeed you need to work well at both sectors. At work, always try to be positive and display that you work hard. These are great attributes to have and it will mean that you get a more glowing reference from your employer. In terms of academic work, make sure that you have ample time to finish off all necessary work and can reach deadlines easily. As soon as the work and study balance is off-kilter, you will begin to get stressed and both sectors will be affected.

Working whilst studying is something which will look great on your CV. It will highlight that you are efficient, you have good time-management and that you are organized and will help to set you apart from other people. However, it is important to maintain a healthy balance so that you can succeed in both aspects!

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