Developing a Cool Job Interview Persona

Sat, Jun 9, 2012

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job interviews needn't be nerve wrackingInterviews are a prospect endured by many jobseekers but are an essential part of the employment process. In most cases, being called for a job interview is a positive step and is based on the applicant’s CV and cover letter. It is confirmation that the employer or recruitment agency believes that the candidate is qualified for the position. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and some recruitment professionals use a computerised system to scan for keywords in a CV, selecting you for a position that is unsuitable. Others also put forward applicants that are unlikely to win a position in order to obtain a fee from the actual employer. Barring these situations, congratulations! You now have an interview for your dream job.

Your True Personality

Many candidates are unsure how to present themselves in an interview and feel that being themselves could put them at a disadvantage. For example, a typical interview question could be “Why have you applied for this position?” the truthful answer would be “I need the money” but a better answer would be “Well, I’ve worked in a similar capacity in the past and would like to advance in this area”. Those prone to being bluntly honest will not fare well with similar questions and it is best to consider what the employer would like and put your own spin on it. Shy people always dislike interviews and find discussing their thoughts with strangers quite difficult. Skilled interviewers will recognise this but other will assume that hesitation implies lack of knowledge.

Your Interview Personality

The personality you demonstrate in a job interview is generally one that will have future colleagues rolling with laughter as in most cases; it differs widely from the actual. For interviews, it is all about the job, your skills, ability to assume the role and of course confidence. The query “where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” should elicit a response that indicates confidence and company loyalty – “still with the company but promoted” has a mix of humour that some may appreciate.

Those called for interview should always be professional, demonstrate their intelligence, attention to detail and enforce why they are qualified for the position. Always ask as many question as you are asked and do not be afraid to ask about their terms and conditions as you are actively seeking a position that compensates your skills adequately.

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