How to Create the Perfect CV and Cover Letter

Sun, Jun 10, 2012

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A CV is a vital part of any job applicationCreating the best CV and cover letter is an essential first step to getting that job. Spend a lot of time on getting it right and you could be one of the lucky few who are seen for an interview. So how do you create a perfect CV and cover letter that will definitely grab the attention of potential employers?

Creating a Good CV

Firstly, pick a good sized font (10 or 12pt) and ensure that the CV is well spaced out. Keep the font the same throughout, stick to one or two sheets of A4 and use brand new printer ink to avoid fading.

The first line should convey your aims and goals. You can put down a short paragraph explaining your key skills. Then your previous job experience should be listed starting from the last job you had. Education can go before or after this depending on which you have more of. Make it personal and include some of your hobbies and interests at the bottom of your CV.

Creating a Good Cover Letter

A CV is not complete without a covering letter. This is an important part of an application and should not be overlooked as many employers will not even consider interviewing you without a cover letter. This is your chance to elaborate in more detail about why you are a great fit for the job.

Keep your cover letter to one side of A4 paper and have 3 or 4 paragraphs to describe your main skills and experience. Again, ensure that you use brand new printer ink to have the best quality cover letter.

Tailor your covering letter to the job you are applying for. Find out about the company through their website and include references to the job title and the company itself. Show initiative and find out who you are sending your application to and address them at the start of the letter.

Make sure that you always use examples in both the cover letter and CV to prove that your achievements are real. Good luck for your interview!

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